Tracy Morris #Tracystrong

First post: Oct 5, 2018 Latest post: Nov 13, 2018
9/11--A day in history we all remember so vividly.  Now, that day will always be remembered for when the words you never wanna hear are spoken.  I'm sorry, but you have a mass on your Pancreas.  I was in shock, denial, my head was spinning.....wait...I came here because I hadn't pooped in 7days.  I just need an enema, send me home...I'm good to go.  (Me always keeping the humor).  But no, and it only got worse...It had metastasized to my liver.  How could this be?  Yea, I had been having some stomach issues, pain..but I'm strong..I'll not letting old age get me...I only wish it was that simple.

So, here I am, the night before I have my first Chemo.  The past three weeks have been crazy...dr. Appts, lawyer appts, getting insurance, etc.  All I know, if it wasn't for my sister, I would still be sitting in a corner blowing bubbles.  She took over for an advocate for me and has not backed down.  Because of appts, my fatigue and pain, I gave up my job.  What I had loving doing for 35 years was taken away by this beast!  So...I moved in with my sister and her husband.  They never thought twice about it.  I knew I needed a lot of support around me.   

I was overwhelmed, blessed, and amazed of the amount of support and love I received from so many people.  I use to think...I wonder why I was put on this earth.  I know now, it was to make people laugh, smile, have fun and forget thier troubles for just a bit.  I love all of you and appreciate more than you know everything all of you have done.  Keep the prayers coming...this crazy girl is going in for the battle!