Tracy Gaulke

First post: Jan 26, 2021 Latest post: Feb 18, 2021
Last Monday night, Tracy Gaulke had a stroke on the stairs after coming home from volunteering at the fire department that night. She was rushed to the hospital in Grafton and was later moved to St. Luke’s in Milwaukee where she still is currently. She is paralyzed in her right side but has retained weak movement in that foot; her left side is working just fine.  At first she was only able to answer yes or no questions, but she can now speak in full sentences; it just takes her time to find certain words. The bleeding in her brain fortunately stopped, and she was moved out of the ICU on Wednesday. Due to COVID, no one, including her immediate family, is allowed in to visit her and it’s very unlikely that they will be allowing cards or flowers either. She will be going into inpatient rehab for physical and speech therapy, so there is definitely a long road ahead of her.

The paramedics gave me, her youngest daughter Deanna, her cellphone the night that it happened, so the only way to contact her is her hospital room phone. Because of the lack of visitation and mail, she needs support and company even if it’s over the phone, so per her request I’m sharing the number that she will directly pick up which is (414)-385-4063. Please keep in mind that she’s recovering and struggling with speech, so be patient and also allow her time to rest. Since she will be moving to inpatient at some point in the near future, I’m unsure of how long that phone number will remain hers, but I will update about that as well.