Traci Farmer

First post: Nov 17, 2022 Latest post: Dec 13, 2022
Hello friends! If you've found yourself on this site, it means that you're interested in receiving updates about Traci's health and recovery. Regardless of how you may know her, I know that she's so grateful for you being here. 

On December 8th of 2022, Traci will be undergoing a second surgery - this time to have her ovaries removed. For those who may not know, in December of 2020, Traci endured a surgery to remove a malignant lump from her breast as well as a partial hysterectomy. As of October 2022, her doctors found that her estrogen levels were abnormally high which raised a red flag as her previous cancer was found to be estrogen-receptor positive (meaning that the cancer was essentially being fed by estrogen). After numerous appointments, tests, and scans, the doctors found multiple spots on both of Traci's ovaries and are therefore urging that she have them both removed. Luckily the procedure will be laparoscopic; however, no recovery from any surgery is easy.  

Our Traci is a force to be reckoned with but, even the strongest people need a little help sometimes (even if they don't admit or ask for it). I've put this site together to keep any interested parties "in the know" and to organize any sort of help/care that you all may be willing to contribute. Please continue to check back here for any updates or requests and thank you for your kindness & support!