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In June of this month I noticed that there was a lump on my neck.  It was strange in that it was only on one side. I have had swollen glans before but they were always on both sides.  Thinking that was odd I looked on the internet and the consensus was that I should see a doctor if it did not go away in three to four weeks.  Sure enough it did not go away and after many Dr. Appointments, CT Scans, Biopsies, etc.  I have been diagnosed with cancer.  There is a tumor at the base of my tongue that has spread to my lymph node.   This is not a life threatening cancer but as the Dr. told me when he looked me in the eye "i do not want to sugar coat this.  This treatment is one of the hardest we make people go through".  So this is what I have and treatment is what I have to do.  Got to do it.  I will be updating this page and letting all who want to know how I am doing.  I am anxious and scared but ..... I GOT THIS!!