Amanda McCormick Too Legit to Quit

First post: Jan 19, 2020 Latest post: Apr 18, 2022
Amid the beautiful chaos of our lives, we recently learned that Amanda has Stage IV cancer. There is a baseball-sized tumor on her intestine and four tumors on her liver.

Our minds and emotions are exhausted and afraid, but our faith is resolute. Nearly a million years ago, back on December 17, 2005, we got married. One of the songs performed at the wedding was “Blessed be Your Name.” We chose that song because it said that we will give thanks to God in both good times and bad. It also seemed like a classier option than Outkast or Britney Spears. All these years later, even if it doesn’t make sense and doubt and anger are more rational feelings, we still proclaim: “When the darkness closes in, Lord, still I will say: Blessed be the name of the Lord."

Surgeries and chemo will be starting on January 20. There is a long journey ahead with many challenges. Please do not feel weird talking to or even laughing with us. We’re still the same silly people and we value your friendship. We want our kids' lives to be packed with so much fun and joy during such a scary time.

We will hope. We will fight. We will celebrate each new day.

With you.
** April 2020 Update: We found out that the cancer is in a third organ too - Amanda's peritoneum.  That is a heavy blow medically, but our lives are so full of joy and gratitude for our wonderful family and community.

**August 2020 Update: Amanda has a massive 13-hour surgery on August 7, 2020. She lost a lot of body parts, but gained even more hope. The doctors called it a "BIG BIG win!" We are so thankful for this answered prayer, her wonderful surgeons, and the constant encouragement from this community.

**May 2021 Update: We found out that Amanda has cancer again. It is a mighty blow, but we have faith that God's grace, a powerful and encouraging community, and brilliant doctors can be even mightier.