Tony Hanson

Hey there. My name is Tia and I am Tony’s daughter. Dad was in a serious motorcycle accident on 8/17/21 when someone (in a vehicle) couldn’t see him and pulled out in front of him while dad was going 65 mph on his way to work. Dad suffered multiple injuries to include a shattered pelvis, shattered femur, a broken shoulder, broken ribs, internal bleeding, etc. Luckily here we are 2 days later (as I’m writing this, it is 8/19/21) and he is stable and had a very successful surgery yesterday in which they repaired his pelvis and his femur. The shoulder and rib injuries will heal on their own within a month and a half or so. The internal bleeding was also stopped.
Dad is a family man, and he puts everyone before himself and he always has. Now he needs everyone more than ever. Dad has already expressed his concern for bills piling up and getting paid and being that he will be out of work indefinitely, he won’t be getting paid. His family can’t see him due to COVID-19 with the exception of my grandmother and I. We are asking for good thoughts, good vibes, and prayers during this difficult time. It is going to be a long road to recovery but he will get there. Thank you for your time.
Tia ❤️