Tony, the Professor (and Chicago Bear fan)

Tony Abel

First post: Jun 24, 2019 Latest post: Aug 3, 2021

Tony Abel!  Husband,  father, brother, friend, Secular Oblate of St. Francis.  Life with Tony has always been an adventure with a lot of laughs.  He and our family are beginning another adventure and we're doing our best to do it with humor and grace.  Tony has been diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson's Disease and, to add insult to injury, he has an L3 vertebral fracture which has rendered him housebound.  We are told that the fracture will take three months to heal but we're at week five and have had a couple of setbacks, so who knows?  Both the dementia and Parkinson's seem to be progressing more rapidly than anticipated, but they make for interesting conversations and lots of laughs.  Tony's current disclaimer when stumped by a thought or phrase is, "What do you expect?  I'm demented, you know!"  It serves him well!  We are adopting this site as a means of keeping those who care for him updated on his condition.  We receive numerous calls daily, which, unfortunately, the demands of being a care partner prevent me from answering or returning in a timely fashion.  We encourage them, however, and if anyone wants to speak with him, they may call me at 210-297-5303 and I'll put him on the phone.  Visits are welcome, however, they need to be short in duration as Tony tires easily and sleeps a lot.

We pray daily for acceptance and that we graciously play the hand that God has dealt us. We are blessed by the loving support  of family, friends, church, community and professionals.  We request your prayers as we certainly are feeling those currently being offered for us.
May God bless you!