Toni Williams

First post: Apr 25, 2019
Since November 4, 2018 I have been through doctor after doctor and test after test trying to find out what was causing my abdominal pain. I have endured a week long hospital stay and misdiagnosis by a full team of specialists. I have agreed to procedures without detailed explanation and was blindly led to decisions that were not my own. After going through all of this I was finally told I have a disease. I share all of this with you because if it keeps someone else from experiencing what I have then maybe, just maybe, it will help me and my family understand why we have had to go through it.

On Decemeber 21, 2018, in a room by myself a Pulmonary doctor informed me that I had Stage IV metastatic colorectal cancer. In layman terms, that is colon cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. At the young age of 41 this is not typical but becoming more frequent. Routine testing is usually not done until age 50 or older unless you have family history, which I do not. I was told in November that I had diverticulitis and it took 2 months to get teh real diagnoses. In addition to a misdiagnoses, I was talked into procedures that I didn’t choose and started down a path of what I felt was destructive not healing. I have since been able to start a new path that I believe will result in VICTORY. I must say, I believe in God and I know now that he is leading and directing me each and every step. No matter the outcome He deserves any and all of the glory.