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Back in the saddle? Today is May 21. The past month has been a little crazy.  In February, 2018, and again in April, I came down with flu-like symptoms and  pain in my man-plumbing department. Some odd skin rashes, too. I went to the ER twice with pain in my lower abdomen. I mentioned I was short of breath. Saturday, April 21, a savvy ER doc at Lakeview Hospital in Stillwater took an x-ray of my lungs and then a CT scan of my lungs. It showed a large mass in my left upper lung along with enlarged lymph nodes. In disbelief, we went to Region's Hospital in St. Paul for more diagnoses. The Pulmonologist described it as worrisome for malignant cancer. A month later, I have been to Mayo Clinic a few times. I have had two biopsies, a PET scan, brain MRI, numerous blood analyses, urine tests, skin tests, and other tests. IT IS NOT CANCER. Turns out I have a bad case of Coccidioidomycosis and, coincidentally, a kidney stone. 

That's my story. But, it is not the important story. The important story is God's story not mine, Pam's, or even yours. His story is fantastic, wonderful, and awe inspiring. You just have to listen to Him; 'dat's all.  Do not worry, as it's a sign of a weak faith.  Turns out I really am a fungi...