Tom Schneider

First post: Sep 20, 2022 Latest post: Nov 22, 2022
This is Tom's niece, Jean. On Monday, September 12th, I received a call from Philip, stating that Tom wasn't doing well. He was weak and confused. Philip had come to go grocery shopping with Tom, but was concerned about his appearance.

I called the clinic, then to the nurse triage line, as well as my niece, Allison, who is an RN. We determined that I could drive Tom to Methodist hospital to be evaluated. It was determined that Tom has a couple of infections, the main one being in his legs, and was dehydrated. They started him on IV antibiotics, fluids, and admitted him to the hospital. After the fluids, he perked up, and it was much easier for Tom to understand and hear what the nurses and doctors were asking. He also found his appetite; he was hungry. That's the only thing he wanted was some food. They got it to him and he was resting well, although not yet in his room, when Philip and I left at 7pm.

Tom really did not want to make that call for help, but I am so grateful to Philip that he forced the call, because Tom didn't look like himself at all. Although Tom is very capable of driving and taking care of himself, he is 87 and he didn't realize he needed help. 

He's going to need help navigating this journey back to complete health, so we will be reaching out to family and friends to help Tom in the coming weeks and months.