Tom Kioski

First post: Sep 7, 2018 Latest post: Oct 16, 2018
Thank you for following Tom’s battle against cancer as told by daughter Karen.  On behalf of all of Tom’s family, we appreciate your support. 

In August 2018, Tom noticed that some symptoms were lingering and expressed his concerns with the family doctor during his annual physical. After some initial tests with no answers, Tom ended up in the emergency room for abdominal pain and GI issues which led to further testing.  A biopsy showed signs of cancer in the liver but it was determined not to be the primary origin. A PET scan confirmed Stage IV cancer with a suspicious lesion on the pancreas. However, until the oncologist receives results of a cancer type ID test, a full diagnosis is still pending. Unfortunately, this also means the treatment plan is not determined.  While we impatiently wait, the family provides 24/7 care in the comfort of Tom’s home.  Some days are better than others but Tom’s good spirits and humor are keeping us strong as we face this together. 

Tom’s contact info:
Text/call 602-620-8606
8102 N. 16th Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85021

Karen Garrity (daughter):
Text/call 602-478-0000