Tom Foss

First post: Feb 11, 2020 Latest post: Oct 13, 2020
The nurse asks Tom, “Did you have a bowel movement and if so, how was it”?   Tom replies to the nurse; “well, it tasted pretty good”.   The nurse stared in horror for a brief moment until realizing he was joking.   

If there is anything I can ask of you all after reading the news I am about to share it is lets remain positive, hope-full and keep our sense of humors. 

Tom has been experiencing back pain for about 12 weeks which has significantly worsened over the past month.  He was being treated by a Chiropractor regularly but as the pain progressed we decided to get an MRI.   

The MRI came back and within 24 hours he was sent here to Rochester and has been diagnosed with a blood cancer called Multiple Myeloma AKA the devil. 

This cancer attacks the plasma and the bone marrow and in Tom’s case his spine.  He has a tumor in his sacrum which is what was causing so much pain as well as some lesions and compression fractures in 4 vertebrae.   He had a bone marrow biopsy along with a kajillion other tests and the decision has been made to start with high dose steroids and chemo today.  

We are in the hematology ward at Methodist where the most gifted of medical staff deal with this sort of thing all day, every day and let me tell you, these folks are amazing.   We will be here a while and continue to remind ourselves that we are literally in the best place in the entire world for treatment. 

Tom is going to fight like hell and kick this things ass and we are putting our complete Faith in God and his plans. We are asking you all to do the same. As information comes in I will share it. Tom does not want any visitors as of yet.   

Please Pray for Tom as we continue to get news it’s scary for him not to mention he is in pain and his entire world has been turned upside down. 

I wanted to share this song my Sister sent me (because she’s who she is and just knows). Tim Timmons is a Christian Worship Artist who was given a terminal cancer diagnosis 14 years ago.  This song You Are Good will be our theme song through all of this.