Tom Balfanz

First post: Jan 13, 2019 Latest post: Jan 20, 2019
We're starting this site as a means to let everyone know what's going on with Tom.  Nancy's hoping this will be a better way to keep up correspondence and communication with everyone. We sincerely appreciate the outpouring of support and concern everyone has given us. We're feeling positive about Tom's situation and surgery outcome. We will post regularly with updates and/or changes. Thanks for using this site to stay in touch. 

Here is the backstory leading up to this: Tom started having chest pain mid-December and followed up with a stress test. He ended up in the ER Dec. 27 with an angiogram. This resulted in a stent, as there was a 95% blockage in the left anterior descending artery, the "widow maker." We feel very fortunate it was repaired before he had a heart attack. Two days later he was back in the ER with continued chest pain, another angiogram, and admitted overnight for observation. Medications were altered, and he was sent home. Fast forward to Jan. 9 when continued severe chest pain brought him in for another cardiologist appointment. He was admitted for a series of tests including a CT scan and 3rd angiogram. It was then determined a triple bypass was necessary and scheduled for Tuesday, January 15. He has to remain in the hospital until then for IV meds, a continuous nitro drip, and reversal of the stent blood thinner. The cardiologist stopped this morning and stressed the importance of rest and stress reduction in an effort to keep chest pain under control. Because of this, we are requesting no visitors. We know how much many of you want to show your love and concern, and would like to visit. We thank you for honoring this. Tom will enjoy reading your posts. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts (such as they are).