Tom Arens Penner

First post: Apr 24, 2018 Latest post: Apr 28, 2018
                    As many of you know, Saturday, April 21st, Tom and Danny were in a serious accident at their home in Cleveland, ND. There was a natural gas explosion that brought them both to Regions Health Burn Unit in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Family has been here for the past 4 days, running on little sleep and disappointing updates. 
    I will start with the good news...Danny is doing well. His body was covered with 14% burns and as of now it look like he may not need surgery as his body is healing well.  Danny's breathing tube and feeding tube have both been removed, he is eating, drinking, talking and receiving physical therapy. He may be moved out of ICU to a less critical unit in the next few days.
  Tom, however, is in very serious condition.  His body is over 86% covered with burns.  He is on a respirator, under constant sedation, and maxed out on his pain meds. His entire body is covered in a medicated gauze wrap and he has a nurse in his room at all times.    

    They have both lost their home, all of their possessions, and at least 15 of their cherished dogs.  Only 2 of their pets survived and were brought to a nearby vet for treatment.  In an instant their lives were forever changed.