Todd St. Louis Todd's Heart Journey

First post: Oct 2, 2020 Latest post: Jan 13, 2021
Todd's journey began February 5, 2016, just  before 9pm. That was a night none of us will ever forget. We were playing coed softball and after rounding first base he collapsed. The minutes following still haunt me. CPR, paramedics, hours and hours waiting for news in the emergency room. Those hours were followed by medical transport via Helicopter to JFK Hospital in Lantana where he would spend the next several weeks. Impella device, emergency stent placement and induced hypothermia were all in place before sunrise Saturday morning.  Things didn't look good. All of our family was called and arrived within days. That weekend was also Superbowl weekend.🏈 I had the nurse put on the game for him with the speaker placed near his head. I didn't know if he could hear it but knew that he would want to, if he could. I was afraid to sleep, I didn't want to miss a call from the hospital. I didn't eat. My phone was held hostage until I ate a few bites. I felt like a child but so grateful for those that held me so close during Todd's health crisis. As the hours turned into days, he was showing signs of improvement. He was actually pulling through! I told him that it was the power of prayer. He told me it was my mom who passed away just 14 months prior. She knew that there was no way I could handle losing him as I was still grieving for her.  He did it! He came home 3 weeks after his near fatal heart attack!!!!!! He continued to improve but his heart had sustained so much damage that we were told how likely the need would be for a heart transplant, at some point. That time has come. Today is October 1, 2020. Todd started the evaluation process for a heart transplant at the end of June, 2020 and will finish up in November, 2020. Based upon his numbers in November, his transplant team may opt to keep him inpatient until transplant.