Todd Marolf

First post: May 18, 2018
Hoping this will make  it easier to communicate what has happened to Todd and how he is progressing.  
So here we go:  
Marolf are finishing up a very challenging move.
Last Thursday, after spending time loading and moving the garage items.  We met @ the office.  When Todd arrived he was very agitated and cranky.  Very out of character for him.
He was loud and angry with me that he wasn't feeling well, but that he only had indigestion. 
After some time of this, I gave him 3 options:
 -You either get in the car and I take you to the hospital
- I meet you at the hospital
- I call the ambulance
His response was a loud and angry FINE - he then stormed off and drove himself to the hospital.
After some time in the ER he was tested and monitored they decided to do an angiogram where they found that there are many blockages in his heart, reducing blood flow and oxygen to his brain making him unusually crabby.
Sense then he has been hospitalized to be monitored and for more tests to be run.  
The plan as of now is for him to receive open heart surgery with 3 or 4 bypasses.  This is scheduled for Monday morning early.  The procedure is slated to take  about a 4 hours.  
Please pass this site along to others that are concerned as I am losing track of who I have communicated with.  Thanks for your continued prayers and support.  I will try to share as much as possible as I am learn more.