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Tobye Nelson

First post: Aug 10, 2018 Latest post: Dec 19, 2018
Over the course of three days, Tobye passed out four times. The last time was when we were walking out the door to drive the loaded moving truck to Round Rock. She bit her tongue severely twice. We brought her to the ER Saturday afternoon. Tobye called this incident a seizure. AT the ER, blood was drawn and found rising troponin levels, which frequently indicate a heart attack. The ER doc said heart attack. They took her to the CT lab to run angiogram. She went into respiratory failure, code blue was called, entubated her, and placed her on a ventilator. Initially, she was on BP support, antibiotics, and anti-seizure medicine. What has been confirmed medically is that she has some impaired heart function that will need treatment as soon as she comes off the vent. Diagnostic procedures will be performed at a later date to determine the cause of the heart condition. The neurologist has her on the anti-seizure medicine to prevent further incidents. We're waiting for the swelling of her tongue to reduce so that she can be extubated and breathe on her own. 

Laurel would love visitors, Tobye is in ICU Bed 21 at Doctor's Regional Medical Center.