First post: Jan 3, 2021 Latest post: Jun 27, 2022
Hello Friends and Family,

I am writing to inform you about and invite you to my journey of healing. I have been diagnosed with Basal Like Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) (an aggressive form of BC). I have a tumor in my right breast with no lymph node involvement and I am negative for the BRCA gene (that’s a plus). I am completing the preparation for chemotherapy which will start on January 7, 2020. Chemotherapy is happening first to reduce to size of the tumor (4x3x2 cm), and to make it disappear!!! There will be an infusion of Taxol once a week for three months, a 3-D ultrasound to check for shrinkage after the fourth treatment. If it has shrunk, we continue with just the Taxol, if not, we add carboplatin for the remainder of the three months.

Michele Driggs will co-manage this site with me. She is the captain of my team to assist with coordinating my nutritional, physical, emotional and spiritual care. I have shed many habits that were not “life giving” and I feel better for it. Yes, I still have much work to do. : ) Thank you to those who have assisted me and offered assistance already. My needs will be unfolding as we go, and this site is a place where I can ask for help.

This is certainly rockin’ my world and at its best has reminded me of the wonderful friendships and family I cherish. So “Think Shrink”! Your thoughts and prayers and my practice will sustain me, and be critical to my healing. I have no doubt. I am going into this journey feeling strong and healthy and I plan to kick some BC butt! 

I love you all, TB