Tinamarie Perez

First post: Sep 18, 2020 Latest post: 8 hours ago
In September of 2016, Tinamarie was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, De-differentiated Liposarcoma. The cancer was discovered when Tinamarie's doctor requested a CT scan to find the cause of her back pain. The large mass growing inside was a surprise to all.  Tinamarie was quickly introduced to Dr. DiPasco, a well known oncology surgeon at KU Medical Center in Kansas City. Three months after discovery of Tinamarie's cancer, Dr. DiPasco performed surgery to remove the large growth. It was a long road to recovery, but all was well again. Tinamarie was encouraged when her 6 month CT scans continued to show no signs of recurrence, and after so many favorable scans, they moved her to an annual schedule for CT scans.  

In August of 2020, Tinamarie had her annual CT scan and this time the results were not what she expected. There was another large mass detected, located in between the inferior vena cava and aorta, above the pancreas. The cancer mass is growing around the aorta, which currently makes it inoperable due to the risk involved in removing it. The same CT scan also showed a lesion growing on Tinamarie's one remaining kidney, however,  the doctors have pushed the kidney issue aside, wanting Tinamarie to focus on treatment of the larger mass at this time.

On discovery that the cancer was back, Dr DiPasco moved mountains to get Tinamarie the appointments she needed quickly and get the next steps planned out. He introduced Tinamarie to a good friend and coworker, Dr. Powers, who is now the doctor overseeing Tinamarie's case. At the first appointment with Dr. Powers, Tinamarie learned of a national trial that specifically targets her rare kind of cancer. Not only does the trial include radiation treatments to hopefully shrink the cancerous mass, but it also has an oral pill that works to kill off the cancerous gene that metastesizes throughout the body. Tinamarie has the specific gene type that this trial is testing and it is our hope that her body responds favorably. The trial will take place in Kansas City over a period of 6 to 7 weeks. Then 4 to 5 weeks after the trial ends, an operation will be scheduled to remove the shrunken cancer mass. During this same operation, the doctors are planning to remove the lesion on the kidney. 

There is a long journey ahead and Tinamarie will need the support and prayers of her loved ones. The hope in starting this website is to help streamline communication with the medical updates. Tinamarie can post here as well as her friends and family to encourage and love on her.