Tim Potter

First post: Mar 20, 2018 Latest post: Sep 12, 2018
Friends and Family... At the end of January, Tim felt a lump in his neck. Went to his dr and she said she thought maybe it was a lymph node with a virus in it. Checked it again after a month, and no change so they did an ultrasound. Ultrasound came back concerning, so they did a CT scan. Well, the CT scan came back even more concerning so he was referred to an ENT (ears, nose, throat) doctor. That doctor did a needle biopsy on the lump and took fluid out. He said the fluid looked normal and would send off all that to pathology. In the meantime, that cyst still had to be removed because it was infected. Last Wednesday, the 14th, Tim had surgery to have the cyst removed with all the cyst and tissue sent to pathology. The dr to him what he removed looked just like a normal cyst, he thought we had nothing to worry about. Friday at noon, Tim got that call no one wants to get. Pathology confirmed it's throat cancer. It's very treatable, but a very grueling process. Monday, the 19th, Tim has a PET scan to determine the point where the cancer has started, he thinks the back of the tongue or tonsil tissue. Wednesday, the 21st, he has an endoscopy to be able to look at the tissue more extensively. After that it's a 5 day a week chemo & radiation treatment for 6 weeks. We've created this CaringBridge because 3 weeks ago, Tim's mother, Margaret Potter, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Cancer. She has a site on here to follow as well. We just know we cannot keep up with all the emails/texts/phone calls as well as we normally would with both of these events happening so close together. Michelle will update this site as often as she can, and Tim will to, when he's up to it. We appreciate all the love we are surrounded by ~ you all mean the world to the Potter family.