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MAX OUT DATE IS SEPTEMBER OF THIS YEAR...He was revoked to serve less than a year.

Per Family of Victim:

After speaking with my parents and siblings, we realized that we’re enabling the secrecy of all of the evil we’re dealing with. We haven’t decided to share our story because of attention. We’ve decided to share it bc if all of our wonderful friends and family are able to share this then somewhere out there we’re gonna have someone reach out to us and help us on a total different level other than what we’ve already sought after. Please know that the drama surrounding this is not welcome, we just need support.

My brother had went to prison for a probation violation. He had already expressed that he had been given death threats and nothing was done about it.

After not hearing from my brother we attempted to call the prison. Deputy Warden Gibbons called us back later that afternoon to inform us that Tim had been in an “altercation” the previous day which led to brain surgery. The warden, Antoine Caldwell, had a “family emergency” and would be back the next morning at 9 and couldn’t speak with us. (If I had a family emergency I can assure you that I wouldn’t promise a 9 am return). We proceeded to call him for 4 hours during his multiple “meetings” the next morning until he finally responded after 12. We finally heard back from him and he said that my brother “probably bumped his head” when he fell during the altercation. He’s yet to keep consistent communication with us and has made the hospital aware not to give us updates on his condition.

My brother’s wife finally caught a doctor and she was filled in. She was told that it couldn’t be sugar coated. He had been beaten worse than he’d ever saw. He was hit multiple time in the head with a blunt force object, not a fist, and his jaw is fractured in multiple places; in addition, he has extensive brain damage and another surgery has been performed to relieve pressure off of the brain.

My brother was found in a closet where he was left to die.

My mom was able to visit my brother yesterday (after Warden Caldwell was told that my brothers mouth was wired shut) and spoke with a nurse.

It was worse that we thought. We were informed that he “ingested” something before, during, or after he was beaten. As a result, he has an infection in his lungs that is increasing in severity and he’s now running a fever.

As you can see, we’re all devastated and even more so that the Warden is denying visitation to our family other than the one visit extended to my mother and is avoiding communication.

Last night, we discovered that Johnson State Prison has been in the spotlight for this before. Two inmates, oddly close to my brother’s description, were badly beaten by guards, not inmates, in 2017. A similar case in 2015. This has to stop.

Please share this. This needs to be exposed. My brother hasn’t always made the best choices in his life but he has a heart. He is human. He’s a son, a father, a brother, a cousin, etc.... he just didn’t deserve this.

I reached out to Tommy Benton, he reached out to the Dept of Corrections, and we got NOTHING back. Now, if we reach out to the prison they just let it ring. They won’t even answer our calls anymore.

I hope that with this going public someone whether it be news, an elected official, an attorney.. SOMEONE can help us.

Please keep praying for our family and most of all for my brother. He needs so many prayers ❤️