Tim Madden

First post: Jul 18, 2020 Latest post: Aug 14, 2020
On Thursday, July 16th Tim was injured at work when a tire he was working on blew up in his face and his abdomen. The radiologist revealed almost all of the facial bones including his jaw are shattered. He was flown to Avera in Sioux Falls and is currently in the ICU. He has several bumps, bruises, and lots of swelling. He isn't able to speak because he has a ventilator to assist with breathing due to the swelling (but has been able to breathe on his own) and is alert and can communicate with a letter board. They are waiting a couple of weeks for the swelling to decrease in his face before they can perform cosmetic and total reconstructive surgery. This will be a long road and we ask for continued prayers and healing throughout his recovery process.