Tim Larson

First post: Oct 3, 2021 Latest post: Jan 5, 2022
September 2021 was a rough month. It started with Tim feeling run down & achy. We thought maybe it was because we were burning the candle at both ends or we are not as young as we once were or perhaps he pulled something playing golf. Tim wasn’t getting better. 

Tim went to the doctor for the throbbing pain and significant swelling in his leg. His doctor ordered an ultra sound, which showed massive blood clotting from Tim’s ankle to his stomach. He went on blood thinners, but didn’t break up the clots. 

The week of Sept 13, Tim followed up with his doctor for a physical. Tim’s blood work came back with high liver enzymes, so his doctor ordered an abdominal scan.   She called Tim to notify him there were potential masses on his pancreas and liver.  

The week of Sept 20, Tim was in the hospital for three days for the blood clot removal.  Tim appeared to be feeling much better once his blood was flowing properly. 

It’s kind of a surreal blur. Somewhere between when Tim was released  from the hospital (Sept 23 - Sept 26), he became extremely jaundice.  Tim’s oncologist sent us to the ER as his liver was not functioning properly. Tim was in the hospital Sept 27 - 29. He had three stents placed in his liver along with liver and pancreas biopsies. 

The month of September ended with heart break. The oncologist officially diagnosed Tim with Advanced Pancreatic Cancer.