Thomas Luptowski Thomas’ Renal Journey

First post: Jan 22, 2021 Latest post: May 3, 2022

In October of 2020, our world was shattered.  Tom was diagnosed with stage 4 renal failure and immediately started dialysis three days per week.  We were hoping that the condition could be reversed, but sadly, that didn’t happen.  He progressed to stage 5.  The best hope Tom now has is a kidney transplant.  

This isn’t the first time our world has been turned upside down.  I am a survivor of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.  During my cancer battle and through many other subsequent health issues over the years, Tom has been my rock.  Now the tables have turned, and I must be his advocate.

Tom will turn 65 at the end of January.  Aside from this health crisis, he is otherwise in good shape.  His blood type is A+.  We are seeking a donor for a living kidney transplant.

Tom was at my side through the darkest time of my life.  It’s my turn now to help him through his own health crisis.  So, if you have read this far, please help me help my Thomas by spreading the word, or if you have type A+ blood, by considering being a living kidney donor.  Words cannot express how eternally grateful we would be for this gift of a second chance.