Thomas Leverence

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In April of 2014 both Jadyn and her father were involved in a serious automobile accident as most may remember. With great thanks Jadyn, with the exception of some back trouble, was left with no overwhelming injuries. Even though her swimming would eventually lead to her having to give up the sport she loved so much. Her father, on the other hand, has become burdened with continuing medical problems as most know. To expound on those medical issues, during his treatments he developed an overwhelming medical condition that has taken up to this point most all of his vision and hearing, amongst other less overwhelming, but dibilitating symptoms related to the disorder/ malady/ disease. He has become a frequent flyer at Mayo Rochester over the last three years while they try to get in idea of his actual condition.

Howeveryou know him, Thomas, Tom, Tommy, tommy jr, Coach Leverence, Instructor Leverence or asshole( trust us, we’ve heard. :) )

In the winter of 2016, Tom lost hearing and complete vision on his left side and lost some vision on his right side. After numerous Specialists at University Of Minnesota and other Specialists in the Twin Cities, it was suggested he get into Mayo.  Tom has spent the last four years going to Mayo with only little success. He continues to suffers physical, and now emotional effects.

They have applied a number of different diagnosis and treatment plans, so far to no avail. To further complicate his condition, in November 2017 Thomas filed for divorce hoping the courts would mandate access to resources to attain his medical needs. For what ever reason, the court has not mandated access to familial resources or enforced maintenance orders. This leaves Thomas with no means of attaining cares. These lack of cares has lead to worsening of irreversible symptoms/side effects or just side effects. The Doctors have done everything in their power to make sure Thomas receives his medical needs, but it basically comes down to not have access to monies for Medications or resources to see his Doctors.

Thomas is currently living in a small town in Northern Wisconsin being supported by family. They do the best they can, but they have their own medical needs and simply can’t afford their sons needs as well.

Thomas in attempts to get through the divorce has seen care at local facilities, but is constantly directed back to the Specialist at Mayo Facilities.

His Attorney has assured Thomas he has done everything in his power to convince the court of Thomas's medical needs and convince the court to enforce Court Orders. They system is moving slow and Thomas condition is worsening quickly.

We never asked for help from friends, family or the masses. I’m not sure how to go about this endeavor. We just want our son, friend, cousin, nephew, colleague, peer or whomever you consider Thomas to be, he has friends, family who care and wish the best. If you would be so kind any help would be appreciated; resources, financially, insights, thoughts, recommendations, anything. We are at our wits end on what to do to help and any outside help would be greatly appreciated.

Immediately, Mayo is a Pay to Play facility. Thomas has applied for hospital assistance, but as his wife or exwife to be makes exceedingly too much, he cannot get approval for assistance. He had also applied for assistance to the Medication Companies, the State and Counties and again is denied or told the family taxes preclude Thomas from any discounted/free programs.

We have no interest in laying blame, it will get worked out at the courts behest. We just need to make sure he gets his cares appropriated as the Doctors see fit.

2020 Jan 3 He was told by a long time doctor of his that his vision in his good eye has depleted to 20/200. This leaves him completely blind in one eye and seriously afflicted in his other eye. We will be rushing him to St Mary’s in Rochester with hopes of acceptance.

if you need any data, records or confirmation, do not hesitate to ask.

We we also understand times can and are hard. We are considering this a loan and not charity if that legal to do. We Will Make every Effort to Repay Funds Donated if requested. Do not feel bad about requests of payback. The world runs just as well on loans as altruism. We just need resources to get him by till his divorce is finalized. At least that’s our hope.

Thank you,

Dziękuję Ci,