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Hi family and friends.  Open this entry to get the whole back story, read from the bottom up.

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29 Jan 2019: Surgery done. Ow. Updates later.

28 Jan 2019: Planned surgery: DaVinci laparoscopic surgery, 3 incisions, 2-3 day stay

27 Jan 2019: Ready to go!

25 Jan 2019: Pre Op scan shows no spread.

11 Jan 2019: no current discomfort, occasionally it gets annoying. I eat an Alleve and then back to normal.

31 Dec 2018: no discomfort, nothing to report.

27 Dec 2018: No pain, some minor discomfort, prognosis good.

Dr. Onkar Khullar said it looks like a benign thymoma, 5% chance it might act malignant. There's a chance it's lymphoma, or something cancerous, but it doesn't look like it. He also says the Sunday pain was related.

Pre-op to be determined, Tentative op scheduled January 28th DaVinci robot surgery, 3 incisions, 2-3 day stay

For the surgery itself, there's a chance of a bleed from an arm artery, partial paralysis of the diaphragm, and a chance they will have to take a bit of lung, there's a chance they will have to crack my sternum. There will be a drainage tube for a couple days.

There are no known risk factors for thymoma. Seems they just happen.

Sunday 23 Dec 2018 around noon:
I went to ER with chest pain, every breath hurt. They found 2 things:
Pain caused by pericarditis, maybe due to virus. Should resolve in a couple weeks.

As of 5am Monday, no pain, they gave me a shot at 7pm, so here's hoping.

A likely benign thymoma, we'll plan to get that out January sometime, biopsy after. CT contrast found it while ruling out any heart/lung issues. #muhMuhMuhMyThymoma #leaveFaceHuggersAlone