Theresa Hovanec Theresa Hovanec-ALS

First post: Jan 13, 2022 Latest post: Apr 13, 2022
ALS, three letters no one ever wants to hear.

Theresa has spent the majority of her life Working in health care caring for others, most recently as a nurse practitioner in psychiatry, now she needs our help.

The road to diagnosis was a long and stressful road like it is for many ALS patients. She began experiencing symptoms summer 2020 with significant weakness to the muscles in both of her hands. By late 2020 her legs were affected. March 2021 she was referred to a neuromuscular specialist through University Hospital who thought she could possibly have an auto immune neurological disorder and referred her to a neuroimmunologist who ordered a very extensive medical work up over the course of the next six months. In 

September 2021 Theresa and Rich traveled to Johns Hopkins ALS clinic for a second opinion and Theresa was given the formal diagnosis of ALS. Genetic testing later confirmed the diagnosis as she tested positive for genetic ALS which actually only represents about 5 to 10% of cases.

Fast forward to today…

Her speech, chewing/swallowing are also affected and she needs 24 hour care. Her husband and mother have been running her to and from appointments as she is no longer able to drive. She is no longer able to work.

Theresa currently has a service dog in training, great Dane Lucy will be fully trained by fall 2022. Lucy will be Utilized as a mobility aid as well as being able to retrieve items and open and close doors for Theresa. In the near future Theresa and Rich will be traveling to Johns Hopkins for Theresa to participate in a clinical trial. 

Fundraising will be used towards finishing Lucy‘s service dog training, medical co-pays, the deductible on Theresa‘s power wheelchair, travel expenses going to and from clinical trial site, home improvements, and medical equipment.

Please pray for a cure!

Theresa and Rich are grateful for anything you are able to contribute