Theo Roche

First post: Jun 9, 2018 Latest post: Dec 12, 2018
Thank you for visiting Theo's  Caring Bridge site. Your support, prayers and good thoughts are meaningful and bring peace to Theo and her family as she faces this latest life adventure.

A quick recap ... Most recently, Theo was diagnosed with bladder cancer and in the Fall of 2016, underwent surgery to remove the cancer as well as the bladder.  With assurances that the cancer had not spread, Theo adjusted to her new condition and remained active with water aerobics and other work out activities.  This, plus, of course, enjoying to the maximum the love of our ever growing family. Trips back and forth to NYC and other locales created a bond that only a grandmother can appreciate.  In the spring of 2018 we learned that Theo's bladder cancer had metastasized into her left kidney,  In May, she underwent another surgery to remove the aberrant kidney and within the past four weeks has recovered well.

The next steps include a sixteen week regimen of chemotherapy.  Week One commenced on May 31.

What we hope to achieve with this site is to keep you informed of Theo's progress more expeditiously than through email. This is not meant to substitute for personal communication. Theo loves and appreciates all friends and family who continue to support her during this adventure.

Thank you.


Hi everyone! Thank you for all your encouraging words, it means so much! I’m not as computer literate as many of you are, so please don’t be disappointed if there aren’t numerous messages from me. I’m also not a Facebook user so I won’t be detailing my activities. I will answer questions, though, and encourage you to ask whatever you’re wondering about. Information is always good and will dispel any incorrect assumptions. So, Round #1 of chemo has commenced. I am getting cisplatin and gemcetibine (Gemzar) the first week, just cisplatin the second and 3rd weeks, with the 4th week off. Then repeat 3 more times for a total of 16 weeks of treatment. More information to follow as it goes! Thank you again for wanting to walk with me through this. Hugs and kisses, Theo