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First post: Jun 25, 2022 Latest post: Jul 3, 2022

Late on Monday, June 20th, Caleb & Laura joyously welcomed their daughter, Olive Ruth. She is a beautiful, sweet, baby girl, 7lb 10oz. She looks just like her big brother Bruce.

Laura got to hold Olive. But very quickly, Olive was struggling to breathe, and soon after was transferred to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. They discovered a completely undetected congenital heart condition, which prevents her heart from being able to circulate oxygenated blood to her body. Her lungs have suffered greatly. Olive is fully grown and is perfectly lovely, but her heart and lungs are not able to sustain her without full life support. Her doctors say she is likely the sickest baby with congenital heart disease in Ontario.

Laura and Caleb have been in Toronto since the early hours of Tuesday morning. This has been a catastrophic shock. They are bravely, scared, walking down this road that they do not want to be on, with shattered hearts. Olive is being cared for by the most expert medical care team in the country; Caleb and Laura are so grateful. They are so proud of their beautiful daughter. Bruce is with family in Waterloo. 

Please carry Laura and Caleb up in prayer, that God would sustain them, cushion them, and fully carry them through this nightmare. 
Please know that they are receiving your messages and they are very meaningful to them. They may not be able to reply to them at this time. 
We will share updates via this platform.

Any electronic gifts can be sent to Gavin Hill (Laura’s brother) and will be fully transferred to the Neumeisters.  Please do not send Caleb & Laura any electronic gifts at this time. Donations made through Caring Bridge do not reach the Neumeisters, they go to the web company.