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Hi, I'm Evelyn. When I was 10.5 months old I was diagnosed with an Idiopathic autoimmune disorder. While the doctors don't know if it is temporary, or (God Forbid!) an autoimmune disease I am still grateful to have wonderful family and friends who care! Thank you for your prayers and support through this CRAZY time! Read "Caught off Guard" below.


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And so we are still "caught off guard" due to the fact that the doctors do not know what caused Evie to have a Hemoglobin of 3 (should be 10-12 /gives the body Oxygen), platelets 5 (should be 250-600/clots blood), neutrophils 0 (should be 5-11/fights off infection). A bone marrow aspirate was negative for leukemia, parvo virus was negative, epsbarr virus was negative, coombs test was positive, and the two pending tests are Fanconi & Anti-neutrophil antibody which the results should be in late July. Evelyn has received 4 blood transfusions (1 was packed RBC), and one IVIG transfusion (Immuniglobulin).

This all started when over a period of two weeks Evie didn't feel well, however, it was the same symptoms of teething and so it was dismissed. Then the third week she slowly ate less and less, by the sixth day (6/17) of tappering her food down, she only ate 4oz of formula. I remember it was 4pm on Thursday 6/17/10, when I took Evie to see her pediatrician. The doctor said "it presents like teething, but lets get some labs for peace of mind". I will never forget how simple of a statement just saved her life! I took her to the lab and there is where we discovered her hemoglobin was 3! Most children are not awake at this level...not to mention that by the time we were transported via squad to the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) her hemoglobin was 2.6 ,which usually is a level unsupportive of life, therefore, "The Evelyn Factor" was born. Dr. Besunder at Akron Children's Hospital was the one to say it first, and now I just use this phrase as a reminder of that while I may have an ill child, atleast she is gifted with a "factor" that only the Lord could have given her.

Evelyn’s current diagnoses: GLILD, CVID, ITP, and Evans Syndrome. They will be doing testing for Lymphoma to rule it out, soon.