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First post: May 20, 2020 Latest post: Jul 6, 2020

***Important: I have noticed that there are many donations under the "Tributes", which we appreciate! We wanted to make sure that you all know that if you would like to make a direct donation to Camryn's Gofundme, please click "Ways to Help" in the purple toolbar above. That will take you to the Gofundme page. When you make a "Tribute" the money is going to Caring Bridge, which is also great, but Gofundme is used for the family's direct donations. ***

Last week, Camryn was playing outside and loving spending time with her family. Unfortunately, she began noticing that her vision was not as normal as usual. Amy and Brad knew they needed to take her to NCH. Once there, she went through many tests and scans. Ophthalmology confirmed the Nerve 6 Palsy in the left eye and Nerves 3 and 6 Palsy in the right eye.

Camryn had her IVIG treatment and isnow  extremely uncomfortable and in pain. She cannot move her head independently or move positions without help. The muscular-skeletal team is thinking that her antibodies are attacking the cable of the nerve, which is why she is declining so quickly. Several labs are pending from the lumbar puncture and other blood tests that will assist with official diagnosis. They have given a preliminary diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which is very rare.

Due to Camryn's breathing results, she is now in the ICU and is intubated. With all of the love and outpouring of concern and compassion for The Case Family, this website will allow us to access updates, the meal train, and give donations all in one place.

With so many people offering donations, we felt that the best way to collect money would be through a Nationwide Childrens Hospital gift card. This gift card can be used for anything while they are at the hospital. Then, whatever money is leftover when they leave can be used towards medical bills. Let's all pull together and show Camryn and her family how much we care, how much they mean to us, and how much hope we have for a full recovery of sweet Cam. 

Please keep Cam, Amy, Brad, Vinny and Vera all in your thoughts and prayers.