Victoria Bray The Bray Clan

First post: Jan 5, 2021
Good day to all our friends! As you all probably know by now, I fractured my leg in a few different places and had some surgery done to repair the damage. I will not be capable of walking on my leg for quite some time because of this. At least 6-8 weeks of recovery before any weight can be placed. With that all being said, we will be needing a lot of help during this recovery process because Sid will not be able to care for me or the kiddos when he’s gone during times of work and for work trip travels. We are going to be posting on here dates for all the times we will need assistance with home care. We also have a meal train linked to the site so you can provide us with support that way as well. Please reach out to me via text or call me if you desire to help in any ways and I will keep you in mind! Thank you all so much for your support of our family over the past two years. You’ve all continually shown up for us and we are so overwhelmed by His grace given to us through each of you.

Thank you all!
~Victoria and The Bray Clan