Cherelle Chamberlain-Bonfield The Bonfield Family

Cherelle is in for the fight of her life. On June 30, 2018 a trip to the ER set her on her current path. A fast growing lump in her right breast was causing other medical issues and needed to be addressed. On July 19, 2018 she underwent a lumpectomy to remove the mass which was sent to pathology for testing. The initial pathology report showed that some of the mass was cancerous. Because of the size of the mass and the aggressive growth rate the surgeon determined that it would be necessary to remove the remaining breast tissue in the right breast as well as some of the lymph nodes in that area to verify the cancer had not spread. Reconstruction would also be part of this treatment plan with chemotherapy following in a few weeks.On September 5, 2018 Cher underwent the procedure to remove her right breast and 10 lymph nodes near that breast and to begin the reconstruction process. 6 out of 10 lymph nodes removed were positive for cancer and the cancer is triple negative (not hormone based).

Cher has had a post-op appointment with her plastic surgeon who said the oncologist will likely want to include radiation with the chemotherapy. Her next appointment is September 17, 2018 where the direction, timing and details of treatment will be discussed. 

Cher’s husband Ty has been by her side through all of this. Her daughter Ruby began college in September, her son Jack began 3rd grade at a public school (he was previously home schooled by Cher) in August and Louise (Lulu, LeeLu or Beans) just turned 1 year old this summer. Cher’s family is her life and she will do everything she can to be with them until she is an old, old woman. In the meantime her family could use some help. Ty is the sole source of income for the family and while his work is being great about giving him time off to help Cher and be at her appointments, if he doesn’t work he does not get paid. Their medical insurance will pay some but not all of the costs for surgery, treatments and ongoing necessary care. To date the out-of-pocket costs are about $6,000.00 and will increase with each appointment and treatment. Any help no matter how big or small will lighten some of the financial burden for the family and will allow Cher and Ty to focus on their family and the battle ahead.