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Tessa Lee

First post: Sep 5, 2018 Latest post: Nov 8, 2018
Hi everyone,

Thank you for visiting Tessa's page. 

Tessa is a vibrant, outgoing, and very independent little girl. She is going to be 6 years old in November and hopes to travel to Asia soon! Last year it was Antarctica (pretend). She is soft spoken with charisma! Her favorite things so far are Calico Critters (babies +candy wagon)! She does some business on minecraft and has so much fun with her older sister, Noelle, and baby sister, Ellie. 

Over the last two months, Tessa had a couple injuries that deemed random and freak of nature- her elbow fracture and her shoulder AC-ligament sprain. With the most recent injury prompting an ER visit, Jen noticed a lump on her neck opposite to the afflicted shoulder injury. Alongside her recent shoulder ligament injury, she suspected that Tessa was looking more pale, tired, and just seemed off. Tessa couldn't sleep for a week because of the shoulder AC-ligament pain. With much speculation and that mommy-gut intuition, Tessa had blood work done that found blasts in her counts at the ER. 

She was admitted to the pediatric oncology unit within hours, and has endured a bone marrow biopsy, induction of small dose cytarabine into her central nervous system, and is currently having bone pain from the previous injury and the newly onset bone marrow aspiration pain from today's biopsy. 

The biopsy has been confirmed: Precursor B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (pre B-Cell ALL).

It's been a grueling 24-hours for Tessa and her parents. 

We need so much of your prayers because we believe our Father who created the heavens and earth hears our cries and petition to heal Tessa. 

Please join us as we update on Tessa's  progress and ask you to partner with the Lee Family in prayer and support. 

Anything counts and everything matters..