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First post: May 23, 2017 Latest post: Jun 5, 2017
OSunday, January 29.        Scott took  Tesha to hospital with severe stomach pain. Eventually determined she has a severe case of pancreatitis and admitted to the medical/surgical unit.

Monday.     Tesha's condition worsening and pain increasing. She is being moved to ICU.

Tuesday.      Status quo or worse

Wednesday.   Status quo.  Her entire body is swelling, kidneys beginning to fail , lungs filling with fluid, some heart issues. But, all is under control. Her level of pain is very high and that is about all she is aware of.

Thursday.     Signs of improvement throughout the day.  Tesha still in a fog, many meds and many holes being poked.

Friday.        More improvement, most functions coming back, breathing/lungs continue to be difficult.

Saturday.     Dramatic improvement overnight. BIPAP (breathing machine) has been removed and now she has HiFlo breathing hose , good oxygen levels, much better lung function.  Tesha is sitting up able to talk some eating small amount of jello. Yay, first food in a week. She is also able to drink small amounts now and very glad for that. Later in the day a central line attached to her upper left arm and all the IV lines on her right removed. She has to remain in ICU. Sorry, still no visitors.

Tesha has many friends in the hospital and in her professional life who are watching her very closely. That is very comforting to her and maybe even more so to me. 

Super Bowl Sunday.    Tesha is up in a chair this morning, Kriss has washed her hair and she has her tenny's on. Says she is not taking them off and will wear them in bed all night. She had a long walk, full loop on this floor.  Condition keeps showing improvement but a long way to go.

Monday 2/6/17
Today starting a bit rough, must be all the Super Bowl hype. Tesha watched the entire game and loved the Lady Gaga halftime. A little bit of a bad day not uncommon after a really good day.
Tesha has a feeding tube as of this evening, a whole new pain to deal with but she needs nourishment. She is very determined to do all as instructed, her speediest path out of ICU
and on to recovery. She is now comfortable and sleeping for awhile. 

Tuesday.  Tesha is past yesterday's minor setbacks. She had a much better overnight and says she actually got some rest.  
More later in the day.
Welcome surprise, Tesha has been moved from ICU.  Pain is not so intense, comfort level much improved. Tesha is a little anxious leaving ICU, the staff is a great group of skillful professionals and caring people and she would rather not have to leave them.
Thank you for the kind responses to Tesha's story. I read them to her and always get a smile in return which I then want to share with all of you.
Visitors?? Maybe later in the week. I'll let you know. 

Wednesday.      A little rough today as far as comfort but functions continue to improve. Seems the stay will continue, no word on how much longer this may continue. Tesha is so grateful for all the messages of concern for her. 

Thursday 2/9.      What a difference overnight can make.  Tesha reports she slept most of the night very well and is much more comfortable today. She says visitors OK but may not be too talkative  and short visits would be nice. 
And the feeding tube is gone.  Just oxygen line and down to one IV line for the time being.

Friday 2/10.     Today is starting with a bang!  Tesha has sent message that she had a very good night, got up and had a shower.  She has requested I take the day off. I will. But will be there with her this afternoon. Planning on even more good news then.
Tesha is very happy to report she had real chicken today and she has had 4 walks around the block. One to go before bed and the goal of five is met. Had a busy day and pretty tired.  I Left her at 8:30, tucked in and sleeping, quite content. 

Saturday 2/11  Tesha shows continued improvement. Overnight a bit rough, not because of her difficulties, new roommate. Oh well.  Tesha says to everyone how much she is affected by all the thoughts, prayers and the many kind acts, here and everywhere else. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
Another day ends. Improvements, maybe quite small, continue. Tesha spent most of the day sitting in her now most favorite chair, and with all the pillows nurses can find. She is very determined to be up and walking  regularly and breathing in her gizmo to strengthen her lungs. Got to be able to do as well as Sydney does with her matching gizmo. 

Sunday 2/12.    Another day of progress. Tesha entertained her entire immediate family all at the same time. That brings her happiness but also is very tiring for her.  She has completed her scheduled short walks and enjoys the time with her therapist. Tesha is ordering her own meals, kind of bland, and eating enough to have some discomfort which she is not so fond of.

Monday 2/13   Buddha ( Tesha has renamed herself) is still improving, more walking, eating better, less pain, except for the return of chronic back pain. Too much time in bed on her back.  
This is becoming awfully redundant, I won't  be looking at becoming a blogger. But the redundant reports are a good thing, Tesha keeps going the right direction.  Still no talk off when going home.

Tuesday 2/14      I had the day off, Whoohoo.  Tesha had a really good day of small improvements but improvements none the less.  This evening we talked about her discharge. Didn't get us anywhere, no one else talking about it, yet.

Wednesday 2/15       Day eighteen. 

Thursday 2/16         Tesha has had a very good day. A walk with no apparatus, no rolling stick man following along and very little help from her escort. This is big for her. She still needs oxygen through the night, very low at 1LPM, but is off it quite a bit during the day. Still retaining fluid but even that is visibly reduced. No appetite so forcing herself to eat real food, somewhat successfully. 
As someone was helping Tesha put her walking shoes on, she was asked if she was aware there were more than one way to tie shoes. She snapped back "No, and I don't care". Definitely getting better!

Friday  2/17.     A day of sudden changes. Tesha may be home as soon as tomorrow. She has been receiving instructions for self medication at home. Most likely remaining on oxygen, continuing with antibiotics, orally, and will now have to monitor insulin and administer her doses as needed. We are hoping her PICC Line comes out today. All is still up in the air but I will post as soon as it happens.
And another thing. Kristina has been admitted this AM, apparently Kurley is ready.  Kriss just sent message that contractions have started. Tricky timing. Will Tesha get to meet the little guy before she leaves? We sure hope so, and good for her recovery too.

Saturday 2/18.     We are out of Sparrow Hospital and Tesha resting at home in her favorite chair!  Tesha has been discharged Friday evening. She was able to meet her brand new grandson before leaving the hospital.  Kade Raymond Field Johansson, born 2/17/17 @ 5:52 PM,  7lbs 15 oz,  21" .  This was a little bittersweet for Tesha, so happy for her new grandson, so sad not able to be more involved. Ray has been trained on lancets, injection pens, multiple meds and administering oxygen, ya, like the oxygen was foreign territory.
So, the road to full recovery begins. Tesha is so happy to be at home and slept well in her own bed. We will soon have a daily routine down and all will just keep getting better.
Again, Tesha sends her gratitude for all of your concern and many kind acts  for her.

End of the day Saturday.    Tesha has eaten on schedule, meds on schedule, napped a couple times, wants to help with laundry (and did), and generally wore herself out. Must rein her in a bit. Looking forward to another night in her own bed.

Sunday 2/19   Wow, what awesome weather. Tesha did her walks outside and when needing a break, just sat out and soaked up some sun. Loved it. New grandson visited today and Tesha held and cuddled as much as she could. Meds routine sucks. All said, things looking pretty good and we look forward to her retun to normal.

Wednesday 2/22 AM.      Nothing new to report. Tesha is continuing her recovery at home, slowly but for sure in the right direction. Day by day is routine with meds, eating a little better, and sleeping. Next week begins a round of doctor visits (4 different ones, I think) to check progress and maybe find out what to expect going forward.


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