Terry Tiller

First post: Apr 15, 2020 Latest post: Nov 4, 2020
As many of you know Terry and Suzanne returned from a wonderful vacation in Vietnam on March 13th.  Everything was great - Terry showed no signs of being sick.  On March 30th Terry went to his internist for his yearly routine physical.  His blood work came back and he had a high WBC count.  They immediately suspected leukemia.  He went in for an Oncology appointment on Tuesday April 8th where they ran a bunch of test as well as a bone marrow biopsy.  Friday the 11th they went back to the Oncologist for the results.  Terry was diagnosed with a very rare type of leukemia.  B-cell PLL (Prolymphocytic leukemia).  This was devastating news for their family and friends especially during this pandemic.  

Terry will be admitted to Barnes on Tuesday and they will put a port in and he will be in the hospital till the weekend getting chemotherapy/immunotherapy.  The plan at this time is to begin treatment as an outpatient to get the cancer in remission and then get a stem cell transplant.

** Laura Hanson and Sheila Kreutzman will be keeping this site up to date.  As you can imagine Suzanne and Terry are overwhelmed at this time trying to digest all this information.  You may reach out to Laura or Sheila, please try not to call/text  Suzanne & Terry during this difficult time, per their request.  This site can be used for well wishes and spreading the love.  Feel free to add comments and  pictures of Terry :)  Please check back often for updates on Terry.   We will continue to update this site as the treatment plan progresses.