Terry Courtney

First post: Dec 30, 2021 Latest post: Jan 15, 2022
Hello all,

I am the sister of Terry Courtney and after pleading to let me help her in some way, in ANY way, she has finally relented and assigned me the task of setting up this page.

Terry’s story started back in the early summer of 2021, with general fatigue, back pain, and the occasional stomach ache. Sensing something wasn’t right, she started doctoring to get to the bottom of it. It took almost five months to get a diagnosis: Pancreatic cancer, stage four. What an incredible blow. I’m sure everyone felt the same way when she uttered the words, “I have pancreatic cancer” - complete and utter disbelief. How could this be true? And there was Terry, with a very positive attitude, handling it better than all of us. 

One thing I know is that Terry is a Courtney, and the Courtneys are TOUGH as nails. (no offense to our men, but the women are extraordinarily strong) Our dear Aunt Maggie, was also diagnosed with pancreatic cancer eight years ago, and remains cancer free to this day! Aunt Maggie is one of Terry’s personal heroes  (She is a star in our family) and we want Terry to follow in her footsteps. We will fight this good fight to get her well!

She will be starting chemo this week on Tuesday. Chemo will take place every other week, and last for 72 hours. I would love it if we could stop by this page and send her some cheer while she goes through the chemo. We will keep you informed here too.

Terry has an army of people that love her: her colleagues at the grocery store, all of the drivers she so loves, her customers, her quilting circles, her nurse friends, her childhood friends from Northbridge and Novato, our family friends, our family near and far and dear Peter who also needs our support. The time has come when we all need to ban together and send lots of love and prayers her way. She needs us and we need her. Thanks for reading and thanks for being here.