Terra Christoff

First post: Sep 17, 2022 Latest post: Oct 5, 2022
*Note: Terra's story will be expanded as it evolves. This is the only way to stay connected to updates so please join us.

Last October, 2021, Terra Christoff was diagnosed with a rare, very aggressive type of breast cancer with a rapidly growing tumor called Triple Negative Breast Cancer Stage 3C, that spread to her lymph nodes.

Terra spent five months receiving chemotherapy, she had a mastectomy on April 12, 2022 and was told all the cancer was removed. In late July, while receiving radiation treatments, Terra started experiencing vomiting and feeling off balance while walking. A PET scan revealed that the breast cancer has metastasized to her brain. 

She was rushed into brain surgery on July 30, 2022 to remove the largest of seven brain tumors; the surgery was successful. While at home, healing from her brain surgery, Terra started to experience severe leg pain, trouble swallowing and breathing.  She was rushed to the emergency room in Cottonwood on Friday, August 19, 2022. At that point it was discovered that the cancer had metastasized to her spinal cord.  Her current diagnosis is Leptomingeal Carcinomatosis with C-5 cancer. 

Today, the healing trajectory continues.

Terra is currently in the hospital in Flagstaff, AZ. She is undergoing  whole brain radiation treatment. Once she completes 10 treatments she will be transported to Phoenix, AZ where she will receive an experimental but cutting-edge ommaya procedure .  It is considered one of the most cutting-edge and least invasive treatments. Her oncologist has recommended the expert in this treatment in AZ: Dr. Amir Azadi. 

There have been positive outcomes with Terra's diagnosis, and she doesn't like to use the words "stage 4."  She is committed to surrounding herself only with people committed to raising her spirit, elevating her healing journey, and totally supporting her healing vision of radical remission. 

We believe in miracles. Please hold Terra in your prayers and envision her body as healed. 

Terra wants to thank each one of you for the donations via the Go Fund Me Campaign.  She is using these funds to assist in paying her medical bills. 

We are only about $5,000 away from our goal!
We would be most grateful for any amount you can contribute and thank you for your past contributions.

Also, we warmly invite you to share the GoFundMe link (below) with your friends, community, Facebook groups (if allowable), and social media.

Thank you so much for for all your heartfelt prayers and continued support. The love and the support means the world to Terra.



Terra & Her Support Team

P.S. If you want to support my beloved Erich (who has been a full-time caregiver), he welcomes Whole Foods Sedona gift cards mailed to: 
715 Lee Mountain Rd. Sedona AZ.