Teri Carey Teri Carey

My aunt Teri and uncle John need our help. Back in 2021 Teri was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer that spread to various glands and vertebrae. She underwent chemo and immunotherapy in January 2021 at the Billings Cancer Center. In December 2021 she and John received more bad news - the cancer spread to her brain. She underwent 14 rounds of radiation treatment in 2022 and was told this last July the cancer was in remission. Two days after they found out the good news, Teri suffered a stroke. She hasn’t been the same since. 

The doctors think because of the stroke, cancer, and treatments, plus a possible early onset dementia diagnosis, Teri has had trouble walking, talking, and taking care of herself and her basic daily needs. She is often not making sense and needs 24/7 care to keep safe. Her husband of 32 years, my uncle, a marine and Vietnam veteran, is her sole caretaker. With all of these sudden changes and the strenuous care taking she needs, he is struggling keeping up with chores and cooking. 

We are asking if people might be able to help make them some meals, order delivery or send delivery service gift cards, do laundry, come over to relieve John a little bit so he can run errands and/or help with some light housekeeping. He can’t do this alone and doesn’t want to have to put his best friend in a home. Anything helps! 

My aunt was one of my heroes growing up. She inspired my lifelong love of horses and country music. She was a cowgirl at heart, loved her animals especially dogs and horses, and lived up to her Montana girl roots. She loved adventure and thrill-seeking experiences. She loved to laugh, and poke fun. She loved her grandchildren, kids, and husband with all her heart. It’s hard to see your dearest people suffer and turn so quickly. We appreciate anything you can do for them!