Teri Belotti

Hi everyone. This will be my update and journal page for my Neck Surgery on July 25th. Rather than updating everyone individually, I can do updates here. Thanks so much!

What my newest MRI shows; 
C5-C6: Broad-based posterior disk osteophyte complex and minimal ligamentum flavum hypertrophy result in moderate spinal canal stenosis and subtle ventral cord flattening. Uncovertebral joint hypertrophy and facet arthropathy contribute towards moderate
to severe left-sided and mild right-sided neuroforaminal stenosis.

Meaning; Surgery may be required to prevent further damage to the cord itself and prevent paralysis. (Nope don't want that! lol)

July 20, 2018 Got fitted and received my brace today. They are so boring looking, so I blinged mine out a little.

Here is the link to the Hospital I'll beat;
Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital


My Doctor is;
Dr. David Coran


NOTE!!!! Anyone coming to the hospital …. please NO DRAMA. I love all of you!