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Teddy Lehmann

First post: Aug 23, 2018 Latest post: Feb 15, 2019
Teddy was born a tad earlier than expected. He was only 26 weeks and 2 days gestational age when he decided the party in Mommy was over and that it was time to make his grand entrance into the world extremely on his own timeline. Mommy (Meg) went into the hospital Monday morning having contractions that the doctors were confident they could stop. Daddy (Joe) was in Arkansas getting some training done with what we all thought was plenty of cushion time before Teddy was expected to make his appearance, and Auntie Em and Gramma went with Mommy to the hospital Monday morning, and they called Daddy home expecting him to just need to be around for a week of bed rest for Mommy. As of around 830 pm Tuesday night, Mommy was expected to get to leave the hospital still gestating Wednesday morning, even with mild contractions. By an hour later Mommy was having sharp contractions five minutes apart and the nurse called the doctor in to check. Within an hour of the doctor checking Mommy and saying the baby was coming, Theodore Alexander Lehmann was here. (No time for Mommy to get pain meds, so not fair!) Due to Teddy's premature gestational age, he was immediately taken into a sterile room and intubated, then taken to the NICU at Children's Hospital (Mommy was transferred from St Francis in Shakopee to Abbott Northwestern Mother and Baby Center in Minneapolis on Monday morning because they are better equipped to handle preterm labor and if needed a preemie birth. Though Mommy and Teddy were technically in two different hospitals, Mommy and Daddy could literally walk from Mommy's hospital room to Teddy's hospital room in a couple minutes). This page is to keep everyone updated on his condition as he grows and continues to kick butt on his own timeline because he has already decided who is boss.