Elizabeth Young

First post: Jul 9, 2018

We have a new journey ahead with Liz's recent diagnosis of melanoma.   We all know Liz as a caring, strong, athletic, and ambitious person.  This condition was taking that away from her and us.   We are grateful that the recent diagnosis and treatment is helping to return Liz to her normal self.    

Liz has made it clear to us that this isn't a fight or a battle against cancer.   She hates those words.   She especially hates the word cancer.  She feels she is stronger than melanoma and we will use her strength to continue living life to its fullest.   We will work with our doctors to find the best treatments that help her enjoy life.

We will use caring bridge instead of email/FB to keep family and friends updated on this journey.   We know communication is important and we don't mind if you share with others we may have forgotten to include.   I am not sure how often we will update but we will share when we can.  Expect updates from all 3 of us.   We appreciate all the love, support, prayers, and good deeds that have come our way.   It has been extremely humbling.

Warm Regards,

Todd, Emily, and Andrea