Tyler Clyburn

First post: Nov 19, 2021
When Tyler started experiencing back pain a few months ago, he went to the doctor for x-rays and physical therapy, where he was told his pain was caused by a tilted pelvis. Last month, the pain worsened and his left hip began swelling. November 3rd, Tyler received MRI results showing a mass on his left hip. His grandma, Karen, immediately took him to Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital for further testing, where he was admitted. After more imaging and a biopsy, the doctors have confirmed Tyler has a rare pediatric bone cancer, Ewing Sarcoma. 

Thursday, November 11th, Tyler had his first appointment with his oncology team to learn his treatment plan. In the next week, he will have a few more tests and scans, have a port surgically placed for administering his chemotherapy, and, if all goes as planned, he will be admitted to JHACH to start his first round of chemo next Friday 11/19.  Tyler will receive a combination of 5 types of chemotherapy, alternating every two weeks for 24-28 weeks. Tyler will be admitted to JHACH for each round, for 2-5 days, every two weeks. 

Tyler will be attending school through the Hospital Homebound program, as he will not be able to attend school during chemo. He will spend many nights in the hospital, but will also require support and care at home. His grandmother, Karen, will be his primary caregiver. While she and Tyler have a support system, they would be grateful for any support their friends and family can provide.  Karen, who is the guardian of both Tyler and his sister, works full time to support them. As his primary caregiver, Karen will miss work for appointments, hospital admissions, and unexpected sick days. 

We all want Tyler to get the best care available, so, go to our "Ways to Help" section to learn more about how to support Karen and Tyler during this time.