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First post: Apr 8, 2019 Latest post: Apr 30, 2022
Tarah is a young, strong, vibrant, and beautiful woman. She’s a military wife; her husband Aaron is a First Sergeant in the Marine Corps, and she’s a devoted stay-at-home mom to three sweet sons, Kaden, 13, Colton, 7, and little Weston, 5 years old.  They were recently relocated through the Marine Corps to Bedford, New Hampshire; far from all family and friends. 

Tarah felt a lump on her breast two days ago, and went to the doctor the same day.  After reviewing the images, the doctors told her to expect a diagnosis of breast cancer.   They performed a biopsy on the lump and lymph nodes.  The next day, she received the news she was fearing; she had cancer, a very aggressive breast cancer called “Triple Negative”, and it had spread to her lymph nodes.  

Because she has such a large family and so many friends, Tarah has received countless phone calls, emails, text messages, and offers of help.  All are more than appreciated and heartwarming, yet are exhausting both mentally and emotionally, trying to share her story with so many when she is still trying to digest the news herself. Her friend suggested setting up a page on this site to keep people informed of her progress and healing, which we thought was a great idea (this is not a fundraiser).  

Please visit us often.  All we ask is for your positive thoughts, encouragement, prayers, and well wishes; we will get her through this, together. I will post as many pictures and updates as I can.  

Thanks to everyone for their concerns, and continued prayers ❤️ 🙏🏻    #teamtarah #fightlikeagirl

Much love,

Janene (Tarah’s Mom)