Brandon Ross Team "Help Brandon Heal"

First post: Jun 26, 2020 Latest post: Nov 23, 2021
On the morning of June 24th, Brandon rode his scooter out on an errand. A block from his house, he lost control and sustained a severe brain injury from his accident. After being in the ICU for several weeks and three surgeries later, he is finally ready to move to the next step.

Brandon has been transferred to an inpatient TBI (traumatic brain injury) rehabilitation center in Austin, Texas. He will be in rehab for several weeks, and during that time he will also undergo another surgery.

There are many challenges ahead for the healing of Brandon's mind, body, and spirit. One big challenge is financial. After exploring avenues of funding, we have found that insurance is not an option for rehab.

We thank you greatly for the outpouring of prayers and encouraging messages you have sent to Brandon and our family.