Ryan Gronli Team Grons

First post: May 7, 2019 Latest post: Sep 28, 2019

Hello! If you’re here, you probably already know that Ryan Gronli has an amazing brain. You may also know that it’s been having a tough time lately. We will be using this site to give updates to the large community of people who love and support Ryan. 

On 3/20, after experiencing some numbness and reduced motor control of his left side, Ryan was diagnosed with a tumor on his brainstem. Testing has since revealed that the tumor is cancerous. Specifically, a fast-growing grade 4 cancer known as “glioblastoma.” (More info available here: https://www.abta.org/tumor_types/glioblastoma-gbm/

Thankfully, on 4/1, Ryan underwent surgery and much of the tumor was removed. It was a risky, potentially fatal procedure but Ryan emerged out the other side alert, lively, and looking more handsome than most of us on a good day. 

Since surgery though, Ryan has been dealing with an unfair amount of challenges — including a hemorrhage, a seizure, pneumonia, and low blood pressure levels that make it difficult for him to stand or sit upright. 

Currently, Ryan is in the UW Hospital where he is expected to begin radiation treatments to slow the growth of the remaining tumor. 

Unfortunately, given the aggressive nature of this cancer, Ryan was never expected to make a full recovery. No one can be sure how much time we have left with Ryan, but his doctors are estimating that it is best measured in months. 

Despite this news, and frequent exhaustion, Ryan has remained his usual charming self. He has been focused on being present and positive — and hopes that the people around him do the same. So if you contact him, please consider skipping the heavy stuff and just send your love and positivity his way. 

Also, please know that he is receiving texts and Facebook messages and appreciates them but isn’t able to respond to them right now. 

Thank you for your care and support. It means a lot to Ryan and to all of us. We’ll keep everyone updated as best we can.