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First post: Feb 22, 2022 Latest post: Mar 6, 2024
So, for us, it all started back in October 2019 when Greg had some swollen lymph nodes that just wouldn't go down.  After much testing and waiting, the day before his birthday we were told it was CLL.  Off to Dana Farber in Weymouth we went, chemo was scheduled for right before Christmas pending the results of  his FISH test.  Well, it came back that he had the "bad kind" that was chemo resistant so off to Dana Farber in Boston we went to start a 1 year trial with immuno and targeted therapy.  All went well until towards the end where he had disease progression, after another biopsy we found he developed Richters transformation (RT) which is DLBCL, an aggressive form of large cell lymphoma.  So on to 6 rounds of chemo and a little radiation with a stem cell transplant as the end goal.  Again, all went well until around Round 4 when we noticed his nodes growing again.  So now, after his latest PET scan a couple weeks ago they found disease progression again, this time in his sinus region which brings us up to today.  He is scheduled for surgery  Friday to biopsy the new area to find out if it's CLL or RT and then probably more chemo to follow (he can't have a sct with any disease in his system).  It's been a long couple years with kidney stone surgery ,leg surgery after an accident and covid thrown in the mix..... as well as fighting with insurance companies, BJ's cancelling his insurance and many calls to his disability company.  We are thankful and blessed to have Greg's family, our friends and our church family always there to support us and all in all  Greg is feeling well and we are rolling along with whatever comes next :).