Nicolas was picking up the comfort pillow throwing it on the floor & I was fussing. He thought it was so funny

Nicolas Welsh

First post: Oct 9, 2022 Latest post: Oct 10, 2022
On September 22, 2021 our lives changed forever. Nicolas left home to go purchase something for his new bike, Kawasaki 1200 Ninja, & never made it home til June 28th, 2022! On his way home a careless driver pulled out in front of him in the furthest lane from where she was turning & Nicolas was thrown into a pole, the force threw his gloves & helmet, & he fell on a fire hydrant & sustained a traumatic brain injury. It was 11:30a when I got the call on insta. They said his ears were bleeding & I immediately lost it. Head trauma! I couldn’t believe it. Nick was so careful. From day one the hospital told us to give up on him. Said nick wouldn’t have any quality of life, he’s going to be a vegetable, he’ll never open his eyes, breathe on his own, pretty much we were going to waste our time & theirs trying to keep him alive. After a few days he began breathing on his own. Nick immediately opened his eyes as far as they would open. So quite frankly they told us give up on our Blessing..  God kept Nicolas alive with a divine purpose. His life is a miracle. Although some deemed him a burden & gave up, his supporters are many. From brain injury, 3 broken limbs, severed artery, necrotic pneumonia, evd, shunt, bone/calcium ossification.. it’s been quite a journey. & it has only begun. Nicks brain is finally at a healing point where it’s allowing him to grasp a true understanding of what’s being asked of him. We are a year in! I started doing his physical therapy when they quit, His speech therapy when they gave up & labeled him “tracheotomy dependent”, his nurse when they stopped sending one, pretty much filling the gaps the insurance/state has made by losing hope & giving up on someone that would never give up. I made this space to make sure anyone that cares can be updated regularly & if you want to donate 🙏🏼It’s greatly appreciated. Prayers are a very needed donation as well. So thank you we are grateful to any and all who have donated supplies/equipment to Nicolas🙏🏼 We are blessed to have been graced with so many good hearted strangers, family & friends.