Welcome to TAYLORSTRONG! This page has been created by Taylor's family to support Taylor Sheehan in his healing and recovery process.
We thank you sincerely for all your healing love and support!!

Taylor Patrick Sheehan was in a car accident on Easter Sunday, April 1st 2018. The severe impact of the accident put Taylor into a coma. He is currently recovering in the Trauma ICU. He sustained a head injury and a broken femur. His leg surgery was successful and his neurosurgeon Dr. Bennett was pleased with his most recent CT scan so we remain positive and hopeful. He has shown remarkable progress in a short time!

Taylor turned 18 years old on February 8th, 2018. He's an extremely caring and compassionate person, who would give anyone the shirt off his back. He attends Amherst Central High School in his senior year, and was looking forward to graduating in June this year. He is smart, intuitive, and kind. Taylor has a genuine and calming aura that radiates to those around him. His sense of humor always has his friends and family laughing. Taylor is passionate about aviation. He took flight lessons at Prior Aviation, and recently started working at Prior Aviation in cargo handling. Taylor has had many friends and family visit him at the hospital on a daily basis. The love and support that has surrounded Taylor and our family in this difficult time is incredible. and we truly believe this has helped immensely in his healing and recovery process.

A neighbor by the name of Howard WIlliams (a retired Buffalo police officer) happened to be outside his home at the time of the accident and jumped to action in helping rescue Taylor from his vehicle which had started on fire. He saved Taylor's life, and it's hard to put into words how thankful our entire family is for his incredible and beautiful act of bravery in saving Taylor's life. We will be eternally grateful to him.

We will be posting about Taylor's progress on this site. Thank you!!   #TAYLORSTRONG