Tate Mellberg Tate & Baby Updates

First post: Nov 7, 2021 Latest post: Jan 28, 2022
Many have asked how they can support us during this time. As we graciously already have childcare and meals covered for the foreseeable future, if you feel you would like to support monetarily, it will be greatly appreciated. All donations will be used for medical expenses related to Tate's hospital stay and subsequent rehab. You can find the donation link under the "Ways to Help" section above or click here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-for-tate-mellberg

I know Tate would love to read messages from everyone when she is awake again. To leave a message, choose "Well Wishes" above.

I will post updates regularly. Please check back often for updates as this will be an easier way for me to update both friends and family at the same time.

We appreciate your continued prayers and support.